Signature Desktop Publishing

Brochures, Menus, Booklets, Ad Copy or Reports. We're here to help you get the job done.

What We Can Do For You!
Signature Desktop Publishing is located in Odessa, MN. We are familiar with many of the local businesses and are interested in what you do and what your individual needs are. Because we are a small business ourselves, we also offer affordable prices for the individual needing our services or non-profit organizations such as churches. 
Signature Desktop Publishing has very low overhead so prices can be kept to a minimum.
Because we are centrally located with small communities all around us, we are better able to serve our customers on a one-on-one basis. This includes mock-up printing of your projects as they are being designed. You are encouraged to make changes, or add and delete text from your job during this mock-up process. 
When you are confident that the changes have all been made, you will receive a final proof of your project as it will be printed. But until you sign off that you are satisfied with the appearance of your proof, it will not go to print. Only when we have your approval, will we print your project.
The page layout and design of your job is a one time cost unless you need a complete redesign. Otherwise the cost for printing is all you are charged on reorders.
We can print any project up to 11" x 17" in-house. The projects that we print at Signature Desktop Publishing have no minimum quantities.
 Allow your employees the time it takes to do the tasks that demand their professional office skills. Signature Desktop Publishing will design and print your projects without burdening someone on your payroll. Why pay insurance and benefits to someone when you can get professional page layout and design when you need it.
Each project we do for you is saved on disk for your company. That allows us to access your project for reprinting, or updating.
We are equipped with MacIntosh and PC Technology, Laser Writer and Ink Jet Printing. We have scanning, photo altering and clean up capabilities.